Dark Side Brewing

Succinctly Crafted  Ales

What is Dark Side?

Dark Side Brewing started as an idea between friends - let's make the beers our bosses wouldn't let us brew at work. Since then, it has taken on a life of its own. Dark Side has become an outlet for creating unique, thoughtfully crafted ales.

Our beers have a sense of place. Terroir, whatever you want to call it. It should be something that is of where it’s from. Our philosophy is based on a vision of creating products that are influenced by time and place.

We, luckily, are able to source our materials from our local ecosystem. This is how we show the "where" of our beers. All of our beers begin with our special well water, which has a huge impact on the final outcome of the beers - water that is slightly hard and typical of New England. After laying down that foundation with the base of well water, the beers sense of place is further encapsulated with Connecticut grown malts, hops, and other ingredients. Finishing these beers, and truly making the beers more than just a sum of their parts is the use of yeasts that we have foraged and cultivated from my local ecosystem.

Beyond this sense of place, we believe that beer is a product of time. The nature of spontaneous fermentation and mixed fermentation is that the beer becomes a product of time. The beers we create are ever evolving and maturing with our house yeast cultures and bacteria. They are a testament of time and patience, as they dictate their own terms of when they are ready. It may be six months, it may be two to three years, it may be never.

Time does not just refer to the time it takes to produce these beers, it is directly linked to the seasonality of Connecticut. Our dynamic ecosystem and four distinct seasons give way to creating beers that are also of “when.” We harvest all of our fruits fresh and they go from the vine into the beer the same day.

We believe all of this has allowed us to create some beautifully complex and drinkable beers and we love sharing what we’ve made with friends.

The Beers



Spontaneous Ale

Visions & Voices: Montmorency

Spontaneous Ale aged on Montmorency Cherries


Stardust: Loral & Southern Aoma

Mixed Fermentation Saison

Stardust: Riwaka

Mixed Fermentation Saison


Are We Human?



Blood Orange Wheat Ale

It's True, All of It

Brown Ale

Mr. Brightside





Table Beer

Terroir: Aglianico

Strong Ale aged on Aglianico Grapes

The Ghost of Jack


The World Ender

Nordic Saison

Where Angels Fear to Tread

Belgian Golden Strong Ale

Barrel Aged

Alleged Brütin

Russian Imperial Stout w/ Vanilla Beans

Barrel 1

Unblended Wild Ale

Field of Fire

Wild Ale aged on Strawberries & Dragonfruit

Freckled Mary

Wild Ale aged on Blueberries


Wild Ale aged on Montmorency Cherries

Much Abu About Nothing

Wild Ale aged on Raspberries


Wild Ale aged on Syrah Grapes

The Bear & The Maiden Fair

Wild Ale aged on Dandelions

Two Coins

Wild Ale aged on Chardonnay Grapes

Shadows & Dust

Shadows & Dust 001

90% Wheat Ale aged in Gin Barrels

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