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What is dark side?

Dark Side started out as an idea shared between two friends, both of whom work in the beer industry. We wanted to pair our shared interests in gaming, fantasy, sci-fi, and beer in a unique and expressive way. All of our beers have names derived from things we are fans of. Our name, Dark Side, is inspired by the greatest movie series of all time. We started out with a mission – create beers we want to drink, beers we’d be proud to share with others, and beers that are creative and inspired.

With that in mind, we began scheming and plotting on exactly what kind of beers we enjoy, how we want to make them, and why. This landed us straight in the realm of farmhouse ales, lagers, stouts, and sours. Easy drinkers, rustic ales, big barrel aged beers, and beers inspired by breweries we hold in high regard are what we pursue.

From day one, we began barrel fermenting and barrel aging beers. This program has allowed us to explore a wide array of ways to treat wild ales, which we call our Connecticut Wild Ales, made with grains and hops from Connecticut. While these beers age and develop, we have grown to enjoy turning out farmhouse ales, lagers, and stouts. Some of our most creative beers have come from simple ideas on how to marry different and complex flavor profiles into one.

Dark Side is our expression of what we want to drink. We enjoy sharing these beers and believe they deserve to be drank with friends and those who enjoy quality beers. We may not be pros, but we brew like them.

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